Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for answers to the most often asked questions about ReserveSource! Please
contact us if you have a question not answered below.

1. What is ReserveSource?

ReserveSource is a cloud based software that makes bookings/reservations easier for your business. Your customers find all information and book with ease while you have more visibility into back-end and reduce administrative tasks significantly which helps to grow your business.

2. Why ReserveSource?

ReserveSource is a technology company but its roots lie in the Tour business. ReserveSource was created based on years of understanding problems faced with manual and inefficient reservations and we took time to develop the solution that meets the needs that others do not. Not only is ReserveSource suited for hourly/day based activities but also for multiple day activities such as hotel stays, etc. To summarize, we’ve been in your shoes and that’s why we understand you like nobody else does.

3. Who is ReserveSource indended for?

ReserveSource is the ideal solution for any provider that has a scheduling/reservation need for its customers. Eg. Tour operators, rental businesses, repair and other consumer services, freelancers, etc. We also have capability to manage bookings for multiple day activities.

4. Can ReserveSource used for e-commerce?

No. We’re ideally suited for businesses that have scheduling needs and not for businesses through which customers purchase products.

5. How do I start with ReserveSource?

We’re pretty fast. If you already have a website we’ll work with you to enable online bookings. Once you’re onboarded with us, you’ll also get access to the ReserveSource cloud platform that comes with a host of features such as digital contracts, payments, etc that your admins can use for end-end booking management.

6. Do I have to download any software?

We’re on cloud and run on your website! This means that you don’t have to download anything to get started. We manage the platform and you don’t pay a single penny for software maintenance or upgrades.

7. Is ReserveSource Mobile friendly?

Yes our platform is mobile optimized. We’re also working on launching our first mobile app which will come free.

8. How much does ReserveSource cost?

With ReserveSource, you pay only the commission of 6% for each bookings that you accept online through ReserveSource. For more details, refer to our pricing page. As a part of our launch offer, we’re not charging anything for installation and support.

9. Can I use ReserveSource for payment processing?

We aren’t a payment gateway but we integrate easily with Stripe. Once set up, your customers can pay at the time of booking or in-person. We’ve inbuilt payment functionalities that you can use to charge and refund your customers internally through the platform itself without the need of a physical point-of-sale.

10. Is there any limit in terms of number of bookings I can take?

No! We don’t have any subscription plan and you’ve unlimited bookings.If you’ve any more questions please contact us a or (214) 785-6168

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